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FST Frogs Membership Page

Upcoming Schedule for the rest of the season.
  • Friday, February 17th – Regular Practice, Release form must be turned in, Sign up for A or B regional Meet
  • Saturday, February 18th – Regular Practice
  • Sunday, February 19th – Regular Practice
  • Friday, February 24th – Regular Practice
  • Saturday, February 25th – Regular Practice
  • Sunday, February 26th – Swim Meet at Wellesley (no practice)
  • Friday, March 3rd – Last Practice
  • Saturday, March 4th – B Regionals
  • Sunday, March 5th – A Regionals
  • End of Season Party TBD

Swim Meets are an integral part of being on a swim team.   

We would like swimmers to participate in all meets but we expect swimmers to participate in enough swim meets to swim at Championships.  

Below is the sign up page for each meet.

  • Please include your swimmers first and last name
  • Their age group for the 2022-2023 season (based on age on Nov 1st)
  • Pick two strokes you would like to swim (coaches will look at your suggestion but may choose different strokes for you to swim at the meets so we can compete as a team)
  • If you need to get a message to the coach about this meet, please leave a comment in the form.

Swimmers should have the following equipment this season:

All Swimmers should have a kickboard and a pair of flippers at each practice.(no not bring to swim meets)

For Practices

  • Swimsuit for practice – this should not be the team suit
  • Goggles – having an extra pair in your bag is not a bad idea
  • Kick Board – please bring your board from last year.  I will have extras at practice that swimmers can borrow for the season.  I will hand these out the first weekend.
  • Fins – we will start using fins on the second weekend of practices.
  • Towel
  • Water Bottle with water only

For Swim Meets – suits and caps are optional but strongly encouraged

  • Team Swimsuit for swim meets with team logo
  • Team Swim Cap – free latex caps with team logo
  • Goggles
  • Towel

All team suits are speedo suits

Girl suits are Speedo Endurance Flyback Navy with White Piping

Boys suits are Speedo Solid Endurance Jammer Navy

Fins are Training fins, most are Sporti Essential Training Fins

Some places you can order these if you need these items


  • Varsity Swim Shop in North Reading
  • K&B Sportswear in Northborough


  • Amazon