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Frequently Asked Questions

The coaches choose the events that swimmers are entered in.  The coaches place swimmers in events based on previous times, a swimmer’s ability to compete “legally,” as well as taking into consideration the opposing team.  The coaches and the relay teams work together to determine the order of swimming in relays.  Parents must trust the judgment of the coaches and respect their decisions about the entries.

Swimmers’ individual times will be posted on the website within a week after each dual swim meet.  There are cut-off times to qualify for “A” Championships.  These times will be posted on the website.  If your swimmer has posted a time equal to or lower than the posted times, you can assume they will be going to “A” Championships.

Please email [email protected] and let the Parent Steering Committee know and discuss other ways your family can contribute to the team.  If you are unable to make your volunteer assignment on the day of the meet, please find another parent to replace you and email the team to notify us of the change.

Swimmers are not allowed in the water or on the pool deck for 30 minutes after active thunder and lightning.  We will do our best to use our normal communication channels to let you know of any last minute cancelation.

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the handbook, website or by asking one of the parent steering committee members at practice, please email [email protected].  Parent steering committee members will be wearing neon yellow FST t-shirts with “Volunteer” written on the back at practices and registration.

If the team is expecting your child at a meet and you are unable to make it, please contact the head coach so that adjustments can be made to the roster and entry.

Each swimmer is eligible to swim “officially” in two individual events and one relay. Whether or not every swimmer swims in a relay at the meet is dictated by the number of swimmers in attendance.  We do try to get many swimmers into a relay.

We try to hold practices and meets whenever possible but if Keefe Tech is closed do to the snow, we will not have practice.  For swim meets, we will make a decision around 6am for morning meets and at least 2 to 3 hours before meets schedule time for later in the day meets.

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